Am I getting old?

I was 10 when Asiad happened in Delhi. Much of the newer Delhi that the south & central delhi has lived on was built in that period. This city was with the state and supported the games. It was grand and Ravi Shankar’s “Swagatam” had a royal aura than AR RAhman’s college Hi school musical. No one complained. People were nationalist then too. But if you walk down Delhi these days and see the appalling condition of the roads (as a basic example) after all the money spent it really makes one’s blood boil. Trust me you’ve to see it, walk it. The people of this city were not averse to the games when they were awarded in 2003. There was hope. Funnily the first tender fr the job came out in 2008! 5 years it took? Clearly the idea was to push it till the last moment, create chaos n confusion, leave no room fr a transparent process and get your own men. If one thinks this is just an opinion, then remember the AM Vehicles scam fr the Queen’s baton when Kalmadi said “what do we do, London Police told us in the last minute”, that fraud fax from Raju sebastian n so on. The thing is that everybody’s forgotten that scam act coz larger acts unfold everyday.
You’re not the only one saying that lets look at the positive side, good things have been built, well with the amount of money spent (and we r talking of some huuuuuge money here) thats the least that had to get done. ‘Lets applaud the good work’- I mean isn’t that a basic premise of any project to begin with? Yes things could’ve been done at a fraction of the money spent and there’s no doubt about that. 70 crores for a balloon that will float above? And what will happen on it? Images will be projected. What images? Kalmadi & co running in London (yes he’s a 30 sec. sportsman too) with the baton in purple suits. I am not saying Kalmadi should be singled out, it is a multi level, multi organisation scam (including the gora bosses) that has operated and sadly they got caught. Am not even getting into tall claims “this will be better than Beijing” and much as I think that the ‘Filthy Village’ issue has also been a clasic turncoat case, considering the same people were happy with the progress on September 16. The problem is that every part of every committee has given them a chance to say this. Every thing has been a goof up is a rhetoric. The footbridge collapsing was not making me angry, in the times of reality live I thought I was watching Jane bhi do yaaron LIVE. Wasn’t it hilarious when Jaipal Reddy said watch fr these apartments after the games. The same apts. will get sold fr crores. Their intentions are clear or they are made to face the camera and defend fr deeds they had no clue about till it happened.
I am with you when you said that the “criticism is fair” and am with you on “action has been taken” only this afternoon after finally the PM snubbed sports minister Gill (as he stood up to make a presentation on the glorious state of things) and told him it was finally time fr some action. What took the PM so lonnnnnnnnnnng? If he could put his foot down n steer the nuclear deal (at the cost of losing a govt.) or the nuclear liability bill, here he positively had the support of a billion. What took him so long?
What is appalling more than the goof ups or the media is the thickness of their skin, their arrogance. Much as I try to look for something positive this time I just can’t feel nationalist enough. I am getting old but not enough to get cynical. Just enough not to feel jingoistic.
Ok running now to rehearse for an item no. for the opening ceremony…

Jai Hind!


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