Aggarwal’s in Zurich


2 thoughts on “Aggarwal’s in Zurich

  1. daniel marti says:

    Dear Mr. Vishwajyoti Gosh,

    I hope that in your presence, would it ever come about, I happen to spell your name correctly. I happen to come across your comic diary by mere chance of googling some names off of the newsletter and actually I happen to be a Swiss Citizen, a long-term dweller in Zurich, even though if recently relocated to Basel. But the corners you’ve described in your comics are well known to me, I have worked there in many years, not only, but mostly tending bar, doing waiting jobs.
    But what I would like to kindly ask you, is whether it would be possible somehow, to share your comics alongside my community, if there ever was one to begin with, but actually no, I think your depictions of drama, especially the written and the collaged statement and observation of Migros as much as Aggarwal are hilarious. The people at Aggarwal are very kind, I don’t buy there very often though, the Mango’s when they’re in season, are the most delightful and exhilarating fruits you can possibly think of in the narrow quarters I’ve lived in for considerable amounts of time, near or in Zurich’s “French Quarter” or Langstrasse district. So I’d be pleased, if somehow we could show your drawings on my blog Please be welcome to visit the site and evaluate for itself if you find it appeasable enough to fit your sense or better, style of commitment.

    Kind regards

    Daniel Marti

    • vishwajyoti says:

      dear Daniel Marti
      Soory for the late response. Much thanks for yr kind words and liking the stuff.
      But surely you could put up the link to yr site and acknowledge thae artist and the source-that should be fine.
      do let me know once u do that..

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